Graphic leaf

Geometry of art and life


Abstraction-induced Art-fatigue

skeletonized leaf

Perishable art is an ephemeral butterfly.

Skeletonized leaves didn’t lose their zest for life.

To elucidate the underlying mechanism behind abstraction-induced art-fatigue, we used several male and female models posing for art classes.

life drawing with tropical leaf

While in France, painting seemed to some extent moribund and self-flagellating, Jorn managed to instil a sense of freshness, humour, freedom and insolence. This painting showed us that anything was possible, that painting was a tool both simple and powerful.

The artist added dimension to her printing papers by folding them and employing a bookbinder’s knife to add horizontal and vertical creases prior to printing her designs.

Graphic leaf

Geometry of art and life. Pictures have the healing power of energy to ultimately reconnect us to ourselves and the world around us.