Artist muse ephemeral butterfly

Perishable art is an ephemeral butterfly.


Adolph Gottlieb,  The Chimera

"Eat the weak" said the chimera to Adolph Gottlieb.

Related to Gottlieb and noteworthy

A presentation spotlights a selection of prints from a series Adolf Gottlieb, using a press to make his monotypes, began in the spring of 1973 and continued until shortly before his death in 1974.

Adolph Gottlieb

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff, lovers, 1909.

The “ultimate” drawings are not made with a pencil, nor a pen and ink, but are born as prints from a traditional press.

Butterflies picture perfect etching paradoxes. Last summer, this Euplagia quadripunctaria left such a weak print on a small copper plate. Picturesque unworthy to make ephemeral art but long lasting after etching the copper plate.